Our mission:

Promote the Swiss boarding schools to children to become future leaders in Japan.

Swiss Japan Support GmbH was established in January, 2014, in Switzerland.

Switzerland is situated in the heart of Europe, recognized as a country with international environments, safety and rich of nature. To promote the good image of Switzerland to potential customers is essential.


Our vision:

Increase young active students with a Japanese perspective to reach a global perspective. 


Our value:

To build a bridge two countries between Japan and Switzerland (called, “Brückenbauer” in German).


Our service:

We provide to our customers the following services:

  • Consulting for private summer courses and boarding schools for the age of less than 18 years old
  • Consulting for other schools like MBA courses, Hotel schools and Finishing schools.
  • Consulting for language schools (incl. Extension courses in the Universities)
  • Assistance for submitting application forms and preparation of entries in the desired schools and for visa matters
  • Accompanying the visit of the school to make an admission interview
  • Help and research to look for apartments, flats, and to reserve a holiday apartment.
  • Supporting to stay in Switzerland, which is called “a care support service”.


Miho Schweizer-Kondo, Director of Swiss Japan Support GmbH went abroad for studying in the US, at the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A), after her graduation of the University and working in Japan.

After her work at a jewelry planning section in the big trading house in Tokyo, she went to Switzerland and had experiences working in an American jewelry company, then changed to work at foreign banks in Zurich. During working, she obtained a MBA from the City Univ. WA, USA.

In Geneva, she worked for Japanese governmental organization as a project coordinator, mainly to promote direct investments into Japan and arrange business- seminars, -matching and -tours for Japanese companies in Switzerland to bridge between the two countries.

Having opportunities staying in Japan for few years after her living in Switzerland already for 20 years, she was asked by Japanese mothers about Swiss boarding schools and studying in Switzerland for consulting.

Since her daughter went to summer schools some times during the school holidays at her school age and graduated from a Swiss private boarding school, she decided to give consulting services to Japanese. She has been living in Switzerland for 23 years.

Her language is: Japanese, English, German and French (a little bit)

For Swiss boarding Schools, hotel schools and language schools

Please send me an email if you are interested in making an agent contract with my company or for cooperation of a care service, etc.
We are delighted to introduce Japanese students to your school and help them to stay comfortably in Switzerland without problems.

Generally, most of Japanese students and their parents don’t know about the existence of excellent schools in Switzerland. If we can provide a positive message to potential students and adults, studying in Switzerland would attract them a lot of interests.
We would be very glad to bridge between the two sides.

Miho Schweizer-Kondo